Rolandas Leonavičius was born in 1974. In 1997-2002, he studied at the Faculty of Theatre, Film, and Television of the Lithuanian Academy of Music. Rolandas Leonavičius majored in cinematography. Rolandas Leonavičius is an author of numerous commercials. Presently, he is a freelance cinematographer of motion pictures and video films.

Films by Rolandas Leonavičius:
2000 “Kaunas Jazz” directed by Rytis Zemkauskas,  a 40 minute video color documentary.
2000 “Sigitas Geda. Žiema Stokholme“ (“Sigitas Geda. Winter in Stockholm”), a 30 minute video color documentary.
2000 “Knygnešys“  (“Book Smuggler”)  a 20 minute, 35 mm black and white documentary (the studio “Seansas”).