Daiva Petrulytė was born in Vilnius in 1957, October 4th. In 1986 she graduated from the Lithuanian Art Academy and gained a specialty of tapestry. Since 1986 she has been creating costumes for feature and TV films. Since 1993 she has been participating in the international film projects. In 2004 she was nominated for the highest Polish film award Orly (for the costumes in Wiktor Grodecki’s film “Insatiability”).


“STÖRTEBEKER”, TV feature film, dir. M. Alexandre, starring Ken Duken, Claire Keim, Bavaria Film (Germany) and UAB “Baltijos filmų grupė” (Lithuania), 2005

“FOREST OF THE GODS”, feature film, dir. A. Puipa, starring Algimantas Masalskis, Steven Berkoff, Liubomiras Laucevičius, UAB “Baltijos filmų grupė” (Lithuania) and IMS 6 LLP (UK), 2005

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“DEVIL’S ARITHMETIC”, feature film, dir. D. Deitch, starring Kirsten Dunst, Britany Murphy, Showtime (USA), 1998

“THE CAUCASIAN NIGHT”, feature film, dir. G. Maugg, starring Winfried Slatzeder, Werena Plangger, Daniel Zuta Filmproduktion (), 1995

“CRUEL FANTASY”, feature film, dir. A. Demjanenko, Ukraine Film Studio, 1993

“WOODEN STAIRS”, feature film, dir. V. Rašinskas, Litnek (), 1992

“THE BUS”, feature film, dir. V. Balsys, starring Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė, Kostas Smoryginas, Lithuanian Film Studio, 1992

“SUMMER ALBUM”, feature film, dir. K. Vessel, Ottokar Runze Filmproduktion (), 1992

“BALTIC LOVE”, feature film, dir. P. Urbla, Exitfilm () and Filminor (), 1992

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“JAZZ”, feature film, dir. R. Banionis, Litnek (), 1991

“ENDLESS LOVE”, feature film, dir. G. Dailyda, Lithuanian Film Studio, 1991

“KIDS FROM HOTEL AMERICA”, feature film, dir. R. Banionis, Lithuanian Film Studio, 1991

“THREE DAYS”, feature film, dir. Š. Baras