The film studio Kopa was founded in 1991. The main goals of the studio are to create and produce cinema and video films, to promote Lithuanian culture, society, its social development and historical heritage at home and abroad. The studio Kopa has produced over fifty documentary films and television programmes, which have been shown and awarded in USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia. The studio co-operates with various foreign companies.

Kopa systematises and collects a sound and image archive on Lithuanian national minorities; it focuses particularly on the Jewish and Roma historical and cultural heritage in Eastern and Central Europe as well as on the Holocaust during World War II. Kopa supplies material to educational and documentary films and television programmes in Lithuania and abroad, to film companies and institutions (such as the Holocaust Memory Museum in USA). Kopa is a member of EDN and has participated in the educational programme Task Force.

LT –30400 Vilnius
TEL. (370 615) 48 172
          (370 698) 06 788