2003 /

Sunday as It Is

31 min.  –  Short film  –  31 min., color, 35mm  –  2003 ,   CINEVERA

A young convict is faithful to his code of action. He is not going to betray his friends and keeps silence. The investigators are powerless. Nothing works. He is not afraid of assuming the guilt because he is used to this since birth. But one day he is visited by his mother whom he has never seen before. The meeting turns everything upside down. He is not used to sentiments, but the words of the repenting mother disturb his stable order of things. She tells the story of their family, and there things in the intertwined fates of his father and grandfather that seem to anticipate his own life as unavoidable. Somebody has to close this circle of loss. Parents and children are responsible for each other and at the same time thinking first of all of themselves. They need each other and at the same time forget each other. They are very different and yet very similar, so distant and yet so close. Their lives are separated by the boundaries of morality that are becoming ever more blurred. This state of affairs is quite conducive when one strives to achieve his or her personal goals.