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CINEVERA was founded in 1998 and since then a company provides the lease of   professional shooting and lighting equipment. Large teams of film professionals that maintain leased equipment are employed in the company, including gaffers, grips and camera technicians. Currently the company is working with movies, TV commercials, TV shows and video clips both in and abroad. 2003 founded JSC "Cineskopė" ( Company rents different video and film cameras, their accessories, sells KODAK film, KENRO production.  The main purpose of company – to improve variety of film equipment in Lithuania, to enable cameraman’s succeed in getting best results. 2008 founded Cinevera LV in Latvia (


„Cinevera“ as studio made films:


"Easily an sweetly" (director  I.Miskinis) 2003

"Sunday as it is" (director  I.Jonynas) 2004

"White on blue" (director  R.Greicius) 2004


„Cinevera" participated in shooting films:


"Forest of the Gods“ (director A.Puipa) 2005 LT

"Ghetto“ (director  A.Juzenas)  2005 LT/ DE

"Dark deer“ (director  V.Kairiss)  2005 LV

"9/11“ (director  R. Dale) 2006 USA

"Diring“ (director  I.Miskinis) 2006 LT

"You am I" (director  K.Vildziunas) 2006 LT/ DE

"Midsummer madness" (director  A. Hahn) 2006 LV / AU / UK

"Snapphanar" (director  B. Stein; M. Marland) 2006 SE

"About it" 2006 LV

"Perpetuum mobile“ (director  V. Navasaitis)   2007 LT

"The Dark Ages" (director  Ch. Cassel) 2007 USA

"Tchaikovsky:The Creation of Genius“ (director  M. Whiteman) 2007 UK

"Rome: Death of an Empire " (director  R. Piano) 2007 USA

"Bug trainer“ (director  D.Ulvydas)  2008 LT / PL / DE / FR

"The Palace" (director  M. Huseyin) 2008 UK

"Three days“ (director  J. Poskus) 2008 LV

"Defiance" (director  E. Zwick) 2008 USA

"Moonshot" (director  R. Dale) 2008 UK

"Golf streem“  (director J.Pashkevich) 2009 LV

"Merry Widow“  (director  L. Gorovec) 2009 RU

"Titans: The Norse Mythology" 2009

"True Horror“ (director  B. Chanan) 2009 UK

"The Fall of the Wall" 2009 FR

"Tripper" (director  A.Juzenas) 2009 LT

"Back in Your Arms " (director  K.Vildziunas) 2009 LT

"Daffodil" (director  D.Gasiunaite) 2009 LT

"Farewell“ (director T.Donela) 2010 LT

"Crown Jewels" (director  E. Lemhagen) 2010 SE

"Book-carrier" (director  J.Trukanas) 2010 LT

"Aurora" (director  K.Buozyte ) 2010 LT

"Tadas Blinda. The begining" (director  D.Ulvydas) LT kuriamas




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Director: Viktorija Juskaite




Smerla str. 3, Riga LV-1006, Latvia  / Ph.: +37129184888 / / www.cinevera.en /


Director: Linda Ciesniece