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Mantas Verbiejus


In 1994-1999, Mantas Verbiejus studied at the Faculty of Theatre, Film, and Television of the Lithuanian Academy of Music. He received a BA in TV directing.
In 1999-2000, Mantas Verbiejus worked as a director of the TV show “VRS Camera”. In 2001, he directed the TV show “Telepica” for the TV channel “LNK”.
Presently, he is a freelance director of commercial and music clips.

Mantas Verbiejus is one of the authors of screenplays:
2001-2002 “Sirgalius” (“The Fan”);
2004 “Stogai, paklodės, vagys” (“Roofs, Sheets, Thieves”);
2004 “Tik tu ir aš” (“Just You and Me”).