2008 /


Documentary  –   –  2008 ,   Nominum
Director : Oksana Buraja
Producer : Arūnas Matelis, Lukas Trimonis

This is a two-part experimental film exploring the very nature of creation.
First part – „Crete Island“ was made as a separate film in 2007. It is a story about Kestas’ ludicrous tries to fulfil his dream – to get to Crete Island.
Second part – „Confession“ is like an „inside out“ of „Crete island“ revealing the reality behind the camera and the sometimes brutal processes of creation that can possibly lead to coercion. 
With no remorse, the author picks up the episodes that usually are cut out in order to create cinematic illusion. These episodes are presented as an independent Cinematic Phenomenon which is Unknown, and yet existing.
The goal of this experiment is to bring out the reality behind the camera and and raise the question whether it actually is an “obstacle” and has to be left hidden. Or maybe on the contrary – this reality is closer to “the truth” in the name of which the documentary was born.