Director Kristina Buožytė's fiction feature film "Vanishing Waves" was awarded the main prize at the Fantastic Film and Wine Festival in Slovenia (comment by the actress J.Jutaitė)

"Tremoros" inf.
2013 July 23 d.

At the ninth Grossman fantastic film festival which took place in the town of Ljutomer in Slovenia, the film "Vanishing Waves" (Lith. - "Aurora") won the festival's main prize - the 2013 Best Feature Film Award.  The Jury, while presenting the award to the film's actress Jurgita Jutaitė who visited the festival, thanked the film's crew "for the fascinating aesthetic of a film that combines visual and dramatic as well as poetic excitement". 

The festival was launched in 2005 on the 100th anniversary of Slovenian cinema in Ljutomer, where the first Slovenian motion pictures were made. The festival is named after the director of this first film, Dr. Karol Grossmann.

Each year, the feature film program is accompanied by wine tastings, art exhibitions, concerts, seminars, discussions and traditional monster walk on the final day of the festival. 

However, the most important part of the event is the unique film program for real cinema lovers, enthusiasts.  The goal of the festival is to restore the danger and the courage to the contemporary cinema, which in its mediocrity, political correctness, and hopeless desire to please the masses is losing more and more of its former reputation, influence, creativity and accordingly is losing a large part of its audience. 

Meanwhile, remembering the festival moments, the actress Jurga Jutaitė most enjoyed the fact that the film has managed to earn a reputation among both the audience and critics:    "During this festival year, our film toured many festivals and earned impressive amount of awards, including a few quite weighty. So, being at this festival I felt extremely happy that the film over the year has managed to earn a truly excellent reputation.  Organizers said they are proud to have in their program the film that has made so much noise, and the audience did not need any plot details, because the vast majority have heard recommendations from their friends who had already seen the film in festivals in other countries. And for all of this not to sound so boring, it can be added that even a zombie parade was held at the festival, in which the dead chose their victims definitely not according to the film ratings."